Super Snack

Trying to make your own granola bar should not be hard. So I picked the products I felt had the right stuff. Then I thought of how to make it stick and not look like cereal clusters. Ah, organic honey and refrigerate in zip snack bags.

2 cups of the oats
3/4 cup each of everything else
Organic honey to coat using hand, like mashing and mixing
Add more honey if needed
Should not be super wet
Place some in zip snack bags and form
This recipe made 1 dozen personal serving

1 a day is good. Can be eaten with almond milk as a cereal, warm or cold. I prefer as a snack. This will make you regular.


Kale Colada. Wow.


Why didn’t I think of this?! Kale Colada.

Kale, coconut juice or its water, pineapple. Where is the ice?! Summer here we come. 

Vegetable Curry


I broke down craving curry with brown rice.

Garlic, Ginger, Onions, Squash, Green Beans and Spinach.

  I used coconut oil to soften the garlic, ginger and onions. Any oil will work. Then the squash came next and the dry spices. Stir and color covers the squash. Add the Almond Milk, just enough to not completely cover the squash. Let it simmer for 10 minutes then taste for balance in flavors.

Curry powder, cumin,  turmeric,  black pepper,  sea salt and all spice.

Simmer until squash is soft but not quite ready. Add green beans and simmer for another 10 minutes in low medium heat. Add spinach last which only takes 5 minutes to cook. 

Add hot pepper if you want it spicy. 

Almond milk is a good sub if you are cutting fat and calories.

One Small Step To Juicing


So my Groupon special came in today. I was afraid to pay a lot for something that may not last in my home. I was wrong of course.  I am loving the new kitchen gadget and the part where I am doing some healthy and good for my family. 

Carrots,  celery, green apple and a smile made this.  I was full just with half this glass. All kinds of recipes are going through my mind. You know what? That headache I had also went away after I drank that juice.


So a permanent place has been made for this kitchen gadget. I will be making more juice soon. I am ready to heal this body and reach my goal before I turn 50 in 2015.

Veggie Patty or burger






Veggie patty or burger with 5 ingredients only. 

I cubed the sweet potato after peeling. Coated in olive oil and added seasoning. Placed foil in turbo cooker, on highr, and cooked for 20 minutes and cooled in fridge.

In a blender,  add fresh garlic, sweet potatoes,  drained organic garbanzos,  seasoning and 1 tablespoon of olive oil.  It should not be wet and able to form a patty and feel like dry mash potato. 

After forming the patty, brush with olive oil, and placed in the turbo cooker.  On high 30 minutes. The dark edges starts to show and crispy when you bite in to it.

No pan frying done.

Vegetarian LauLau

Vegetarian LauLau

Steamed veggies wrapped like a LauLau. Instead of steaming meat inside like the Hawaiians did, I decided that one can have a vegetarian version. I know the nerve right? I have a family who loves to eat meat and I love veggies more than meat. So I make two types to be flexible. No salt. No pepper. For nights when steamed veggies is the meal or side. I always have raw veggies with fruits salad in my fridge. We have healthy options available. It does not take long to prepare this. It is also great if you have left over veggies and thinking of a way to cook them.

Complain and re…

Always see brightness & be positive at everything you do every day. Walk away from the things that put you in mind jail. Pray and release the negative so you can move forward.


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Borris with no stool and he looked up to tell me he can't see outside. Borris with no stool and he looked up to tell me he can’t see outside.

Complain and remain. Praise and be raised.

I was listening to a podcast by a ministry leader. When this quote came out it opened up many things in my mind. This has been a quote that we use every day to remind us that when we complain we are really not looking at the blessings and focused on the things that separate us from God.  This kind of attitude keep us from growing to be the best we can be. This daily motto is a driving force through my day. My family’s too.

To look at the blessings that come from struggles and adversities is how we can have an exceptional life. Inspire others and share this quote because our job is to do better.  

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