Invest in Me


At almost 50 years old I suddenly decided that corporate America  is not for me. I need a break and to be happier. Stress and depression got a hold of me and I was not able to shake it. Turns out I share the same with other people on this planet. Before I let depression put me back to diabetes and high blood pressure, I will quit and use up my savings to be healthy. Bad enough I am a recovering emotional eater and the last thing I need is to pretend I can handle and take a beating. Who wants that?!

After a whole year of financial planning, spreadsheets, managing the finances, I saw the light. I am cashing out, pay the rent for one year, live simple, hubby supports the idea and I am free! Day by day I dream hard about waking up, make breakfast for the family, go to the gym by 9:00am, then back to massaging seeing me independent, manage the finances, healthy eating meal plans for us, and be happy. Lose weight more, relax, look good, and feel no shoulder pain from one deltoid the other like I have a weight bar in my shoulders. No more stress. Then most of all SLEEP LONGER AND BETTER. Better sex too.

Don’t laugh! Sex is not great when all you want is to be happy and don’t have to go to work for a place that’s not fun anymore. We want happiness at everything we do.

I am not ashamed if I am found as unemployed. I had a plan all along. My rent is paid. I am not ashamed if I have to find a job and start all over later, I have no huge bills like a house or car. I can handle less pay and still be rich because God has provided this opportunity for me all along. I am exercising my right to be happy and be a better Mom, Wife, sister and friend but most of all…BE BETTER TO ME.

I am not ashamed to have time to be a housewife, except this housewife invested, paid the rent for her time of break and is the new family CFO, Chef and trainer/life coach.

I am gonna live my dream. I paid my dues and nobody will stop me this time. No corporate will ever make me feel trapped again. The next company that gets me will have a better and fit person. For now, I am semi retired while being an independent massage therapist making others happy. Options are great right now.

Thank You Lord!


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