Why Pets are Important

I battled depression because of many factors in my life. It has never been as bad as wanting to hurt myself.  I wanted more than anything heal myself. I did not allow a lot of people to get close to me and I do have friends I love dearly. It had been 3 years since I left a dark place and I started to make some changes in my life. Along the way I decided that a cat would help my daughter with her depression.  Little did I know this cat would heal me the most.


This kitty softened my heart.  I stop for him and he is a part of my daily process and healing.  We play tricks on each other and hang out. On this day, the sciatica pain was strong.  I have the tens machine working to relax the muscles like before. One thing I know for sure, batman comes to comfort me and tell me I am loved. Sometimes I have tears of joy because he cannot speak my language and talk to me, but his actions speak more love than some people I know.


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