Easter Promise Island Style


I experienced a feast one holiday season and I felt that the next time I would enjoy it, it was going to be with my own family first. I wanted to treat them special first. We have been through a lot and this Easter our dinner would be with a twist.  No ham. No potato salad and all sugary and carbie things. No candy or eggs to waste. No huge party. It was us, inspirational music and no tv. No driving out.

We gave thanks, prayers for others and my daughter did a beautiful job with grace before we ate. We giggled and smiled because we treaded ourselves with this feast and we did it together.  We can see that next time we will have other variations but today this was our pick. Lobster, crab legs, shrimp, kimchee muscles, brown rice, kimchee cucumbers, salsa, Moscato for the adults and real fruit for dessert. 


For a whole week I could not contain myself but I stayed ninja. I have not eaten crab legs and a full lobster in 27 years due to an allergic reaction the last time. We have been eating better, managing weight better and living healthier. I felt it was time to see if my body has healed and able to handle shell fish.


So we did the easiest way without the long lines and went to the frozen section of our grocer and produce section for the banana leaves. We were thinking even portions each vs lay out a big shindig but only 3 people there.  Added kimchee cucumber and salsa. Then a dessert that didn’t involve sugar and sugar. 


Already precooked, the baby lobsters were like 5.00 each. Why not.


Omg, a no candy Easter! No cup cakes. No ice cream but we have fruit. Yes!


Pulp of the pineapple from juicing was frozen a bit to have a sorbet type dessert.  Added bananas,  grapes and flaxseed powder sprinkles.  No added augars. Not even nuts.

We prepped and helped clean the kitchen and dining room after. Then we watched the Bible on Netflix.  The series was there vs going to the movies. No walking 2 miles. A real family day with no food coma or sugary treats. We didn’t even negotiate it.

Oh dinner was at 4pm ish. ..it is way after 10pm and no hives or allergic reaction. No eye lids shut due to swelling,  no itchy tongue and no welts. So far so good.  Feeling thankful. 


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