Vegetarian Lavash Pizza or Heated Wrap

We love pizza but prefer fresh ingredients in it and not filled with bread and cheese.

Mini pizza squares. Half a lavash sheet.


Lavash sheet cut in half
Fresh cilantro pesto as our sauce
Fresh spinach rough chopped
Left over asparagus sauté in butter
Queso Fresco and then some Mozzarella
A little more pesto on top

Cooked in high using my turbo cooker. If you are using your oven, 350 for a few minutes,  or until cheese has fully melted.

Full Sheet Heated Wrap
Same recipe except we use the whole sheet. Roll. Add pesto on top with mozzarella and turbo or bake, just until cheese melts all the way. If you meat eaters at home, add whatever they want in it, like left overs.


Served 2 or 1 if you are super hungry and want a healthy substitute. Serve hot.


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