One Small Step To Juicing


So my Groupon special came in today. I was afraid to pay a lot for something that may not last in my home. I was wrong of course.  I am loving the new kitchen gadget and the part where I am doing some healthy and good for my family. 

Carrots,  celery, green apple and a smile made this.  I was full just with half this glass. All kinds of recipes are going through my mind. You know what? That headache I had also went away after I drank that juice.


So a permanent place has been made for this kitchen gadget. I will be making more juice soon. I am ready to heal this body and reach my goal before I turn 50 in 2015.


5 thoughts on “One Small Step To Juicing

    • Thanks. I made this and individual servings. in glass jars. My hubby said they taste better in glass jars. One actually feels full for a long period of time between meals.

      • Nice! I must say that juicing everyday takes a lot of patience talk about all the slicing but it is all so worth it. Happy Juicing!

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