Noodle Pot


There is this place where synchronized slurping is allowed. Cash only sign may chase you away,  but it is so good that a short walk to the ATM machine is not a problem.  You are seated. You get in the chair and you look up,  next thing you know the place is full. Seriously, that fast.  What to get you ask? Vegetable Soup in chicken based broth of course!

Oh I waited patiently and I would watch my neighbors get theirs. I would count the slurping and I would smile. I was journaling and writing already about this place. A hole in a wall place that rocks. Awe man, the soup came and I was already saying grace in my head. The veggies were beaming with color.  The smell of shitake mushrooms was mouth watering.  I picked up the sticks and released the aroma with a gentle stir. Move the noodles about. 

Oh but strategy,  what is our strategy?  Easy, breathe softly and eat the best ingredients.  The veggies.  Then noodles and followed by the broth. Slurp community harmony and it was allowed. Best mother and daughter lunch date ever. I finished like a champ and didn’t feel bloated at all.

NOODLE POT is the place in Chinatown and I will be back.


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