I want better


At an organic store in Las Vegas. Feeling blessed that we have one near our home.

I was inflicted with a skin issues for a long time.  Did not know what caused it and I hid it with make up. Through my darkest days I was scared I would have diabetes and heart attack. I was right.  I was given meds that did not help me, and the pamphlet did not motivate me at all. It was the bumps on my skin and the pain that made me cry and pray for an answer. 1 year later I had not shaken the type 2 diabetes.  I know I can beat it, I just needed to know how but with the right foods and understand food. It came to me in a book and I was able to follow the program. 

What I did not know is that by eliminating high carbs and eating roughage I was healing my body.  The bumps have not returned like back in 2011. Worst ever and became diabetic.  So now what? I lost the weight.  I am eating normal and not considered a diet but healthier than before. Am I done? Nope, I have a life to go. As I got better educated through reading and watching all kinds of media, I started to be a believer in a vegetarian life. Organic stores are now on my list to shop in. I even got a juicer and ready for the next phase. I have 1 or 2 bumps here and there but I want it all gone. I am ready to lose the rest of the weight and reach 130 lbs without the harsh exercise. I walk, I yoga and I cable. Not strong enough for the weight lifting yet. I am going to be 49 on Mother’s Day 2014. My goal is to turn 50 and look and feel fantastic.  2014 is my year for the next healing. 


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