Invest in Me


At almost 50 years old I suddenly decided that corporate America  is not for me. I need a break and to be happier. Stress and depression got a hold of me and I was not able to shake it. Turns out I share the same with other people on this planet. Before I let depression put me back to diabetes and high blood pressure, I will quit and use up my savings to be healthy. Bad enough I am a recovering emotional eater and the last thing I need is to pretend I can handle and take a beating. Who wants that?!

After a whole year of financial planning, spreadsheets, managing the finances, I saw the light. I am cashing out, pay the rent for one year, live simple, hubby supports the idea and I am free! Day by day I dream hard about waking up, make breakfast for the family, go to the gym by 9:00am, then back to massaging seeing me independent, manage the finances, healthy eating meal plans for us, and be happy. Lose weight more, relax, look good, and feel no shoulder pain from one deltoid the other like I have a weight bar in my shoulders. No more stress. Then most of all SLEEP LONGER AND BETTER. Better sex too.

Don’t laugh! Sex is not great when all you want is to be happy and don’t have to go to work for a place that’s not fun anymore. We want happiness at everything we do.

I am not ashamed if I am found as unemployed. I had a plan all along. My rent is paid. I am not ashamed if I have to find a job and start all over later, I have no huge bills like a house or car. I can handle less pay and still be rich because God has provided this opportunity for me all along. I am exercising my right to be happy and be a better Mom, Wife, sister and friend but most of all…BE BETTER TO ME.

I am not ashamed to have time to be a housewife, except this housewife invested, paid the rent for her time of break and is the new family CFO, Chef and trainer/life coach.

I am gonna live my dream. I paid my dues and nobody will stop me this time. No corporate will ever make me feel trapped again. The next company that gets me will have a better and fit person. For now, I am semi retired while being an independent massage therapist making others happy. Options are great right now.

Thank You Lord!


Why Pets are Important

I battled depression because of many factors in my life. It has never been as bad as wanting to hurt myself.  I wanted more than anything heal myself. I did not allow a lot of people to get close to me and I do have friends I love dearly. It had been 3 years since I left a dark place and I started to make some changes in my life. Along the way I decided that a cat would help my daughter with her depression.  Little did I know this cat would heal me the most.


This kitty softened my heart.  I stop for him and he is a part of my daily process and healing.  We play tricks on each other and hang out. On this day, the sciatica pain was strong.  I have the tens machine working to relax the muscles like before. One thing I know for sure, batman comes to comfort me and tell me I am loved. Sometimes I have tears of joy because he cannot speak my language and talk to me, but his actions speak more love than some people I know.

Easter Promise Island Style


I experienced a feast one holiday season and I felt that the next time I would enjoy it, it was going to be with my own family first. I wanted to treat them special first. We have been through a lot and this Easter our dinner would be with a twist.  No ham. No potato salad and all sugary and carbie things. No candy or eggs to waste. No huge party. It was us, inspirational music and no tv. No driving out.

We gave thanks, prayers for others and my daughter did a beautiful job with grace before we ate. We giggled and smiled because we treaded ourselves with this feast and we did it together.  We can see that next time we will have other variations but today this was our pick. Lobster, crab legs, shrimp, kimchee muscles, brown rice, kimchee cucumbers, salsa, Moscato for the adults and real fruit for dessert. 


For a whole week I could not contain myself but I stayed ninja. I have not eaten crab legs and a full lobster in 27 years due to an allergic reaction the last time. We have been eating better, managing weight better and living healthier. I felt it was time to see if my body has healed and able to handle shell fish.


So we did the easiest way without the long lines and went to the frozen section of our grocer and produce section for the banana leaves. We were thinking even portions each vs lay out a big shindig but only 3 people there.  Added kimchee cucumber and salsa. Then a dessert that didn’t involve sugar and sugar. 


Already precooked, the baby lobsters were like 5.00 each. Why not.


Omg, a no candy Easter! No cup cakes. No ice cream but we have fruit. Yes!


Pulp of the pineapple from juicing was frozen a bit to have a sorbet type dessert.  Added bananas,  grapes and flaxseed powder sprinkles.  No added augars. Not even nuts.

We prepped and helped clean the kitchen and dining room after. Then we watched the Bible on Netflix.  The series was there vs going to the movies. No walking 2 miles. A real family day with no food coma or sugary treats. We didn’t even negotiate it.

Oh dinner was at 4pm ish. is way after 10pm and no hives or allergic reaction. No eye lids shut due to swelling,  no itchy tongue and no welts. So far so good.  Feeling thankful. 

Vegetarian Chocolate Mouse

Someone posted this and I had to try.  Well it was great and I did not have the vanilla extract and almond milk. I will use those ingredients when I make my ice cream mouse.

I added crumbles of my flax powder mix.



I also used this as a spread on my low carb bread.

Grits Pizza, what?

I had left over grits. They harden when left uncovered or refrigerated. So I decided instead of wasting it, make pizza.

Crumble on foil, add mozzarella cheese and bake. If you have a turbo of cooker it is better. Once you see brown edges, remove.


Add topping and I use cilantro pesto for sauce or seasoning. 


Add cheese and bake or turbo until cheese melts or when it is well done for some.


Eat with a spoon or your hands after it has cooled. Make individual personal size or one big one in a deep dish. Breakfast will be fun.

Vegetarian Lavash Pizza or Heated Wrap

We love pizza but prefer fresh ingredients in it and not filled with bread and cheese.

Mini pizza squares. Half a lavash sheet.


Lavash sheet cut in half
Fresh cilantro pesto as our sauce
Fresh spinach rough chopped
Left over asparagus sauté in butter
Queso Fresco and then some Mozzarella
A little more pesto on top

Cooked in high using my turbo cooker. If you are using your oven, 350 for a few minutes,  or until cheese has fully melted.

Full Sheet Heated Wrap
Same recipe except we use the whole sheet. Roll. Add pesto on top with mozzarella and turbo or bake, just until cheese melts all the way. If you meat eaters at home, add whatever they want in it, like left overs.


Served 2 or 1 if you are super hungry and want a healthy substitute. Serve hot.